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Carla Marie and Anthony are best friends who met while working behind the scenes at the nationally-syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in 2010! They bonded over their love of emo music and bar-hopping. In 2014 they launched their MyDayFriday podcast where they talked about everything and anything; friends, relationship drama, family, trying to adult, and so much more to kick off the weekend in the best way possible! This is where their dream of having their owning morning show began and in 2016 it actually happened. They road tripped from New Jersey to Seattle, WA to kick off their show and hit the ground running. They continued their podcast and learned they loved connecting with people through social media. They also loved experimenting with new ways to reach people, like video streaming their show on Twitch. During their time as morning show hosts they helped get kittens and puppies rescued, fundraised for homeless teens and children with cancer. They created Dirty Little Secret, a radio segment where listeners can share their deepest secrets without fear of being found out and now it’s used on radio stations all over the country! During their time in Seattle they both discovered a love of hiking and visiting National Parks. They both participate in beach cleanups and do everything they can to educate people on the importance of protecting public lands. In the middle of the worst year ever, 2020, Carla Marie and Anthony were replaced. No more radio morning show. Like the true hustlers they are the hit the ground running and re-configured The Carla Marie and Anthony Show. You can now watch the show live on Twitch, catch it as a replay on YouTube, and listen to their MyDayFriday podcast. Follow along @CarlaMarieandAnthony on their adventures as they kick off their Fun-Employment Tour road trip, streaming and podcasting from cities all over America! You Look Great!

Carla Marie has an obsession with small businesses so she created a podcast about the people behind them, Side Hustlers. Her guests refer to Carla Marie as the “great connector” because loves bringing people together to collaborate. Carla Marie is independent and always supports the little guy. 


Anthony’s favorite thing to do is workout, while people closest to him tease him for it they often lean on him for all fitness advice. He’s obsessed with sneakers and has over 50 pairs! Anthony is loyal to a fault and a big brother to so many people.

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