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Could you name all 50 states? + Have you ever been surprised by a naked person?


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Would you apply for the "Traitors" reality show?! + Being harassed by an ex's family!


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Selling gifts + dissecting cats! + Do you sit in weird positions?


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Sitting is killing us slowly + We're under construction


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Little Words Project HQ + We've lived together for a year!


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Do you have nose hairs? + A glitch that lands us in the Matrix!


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Side Hustlers Podcast

Side Hustlers

Carla Marie has always had a love for small businesses and cool products. She took her love for both and launched her Side Hustlers podcast to tell the story of small business owners who are also Side Hustlers. Hear the passionate stories of people who work a full time job and own their own business. Some of Carla Marie’s guests have turned their side hustle into their full-time job! If you want to be inspired or simply learn about cool businesses to support listen to Side Hustlers!

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My Day Friday Podcast

My Day Friday

The podcast that started it all! In 2014 Carla Marie and Anthony thought they’d make a pretty good team so they launched MyDayFriday. A place where friends can talk about all of the things friends talk about. MyDayFriday was created to kick off your weekend because Friday is YOUR day, you’ve worked all week now it’s your chance to do whatever you want! As Carla Marie and Anthony grew up, so did MyDayFriday. While they still kickoff your weekend with ridiculousness they also talk about buying homes, job loss, and other adulting-things (ew).

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Carla Marie and Anthony are best friends who met while working behind the scenes at the nationally-syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in 2010! They bonded over their love of emo music and bar-hopping. In 2014 they launched their MyDayFriday podcast where they talked about everything and anything; friends, relationship drama, family, trying to adult, and so much more to kick off the weekend in the best way possible! This is where their dream of having their owning morning show began and in 2016...


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