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Good Morning Texts + Bachelorette + Butt Chugging?

This week has been a blast and all over the place as per usual. We kicked off Monday with a debate that has a lot of people dishing their opinions...are you expected to send "good morning" texts when you're in a relationship? Our friend Jon, from the Almost on Air podcast, called in to the show because he thinks it's "toxic" to expect that from someone! ⬇️

On Tuesday we did our weekly review of The Bachelorette! It's getting tougher to have these conversations because our friend Katie is THE Bachelorette and we don't want to say anything mean about a future possible fiancé! What makes a movie a "bad movie"? ⬇️

Thursday's show was a BLAST. The Yankees are in town so we went to the game at T-Mobile Park and experienced a grown man doing something that Carla Marie CANNOT handle. We talk about so much SPORTZ (yes, with a "z") In April, 4 million people globally quit their jobs...what gives?! We loved this conversation about work/life balance. And somehow it turns into butt chugging? ⬇️

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