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WTF is Twitch?!

"What's Twitch?" is a question we've heard it a lot over the last few months as we tell people our show is now available via Twitch. In one breath we often say..."it's a live-streaming platform, originally created for gamers so people can watch them play video games. Yes, people watch people play video games. But now you can watch your favorite podcast hosts/radio hosts/tv hosts and more do a different version of their show." For us, this is the only play for you to watch The Carla Marie and Anthony Show. You don't have to watch live, although it's definitely more fun to be involved AND Twitch even has a setting where you can let the video run in the background so you can listen just like a podcast.

We put together a video explaining Twitch and Twitch lingo you'll often hear us mention...

One of the coolest parts about Twitch is that you can subscribe to your favorite channel for FREE and the creator will still be monetarily supported! This videos explains how you can link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch and support us (or another channel) for free!

Catch us LIVE Monday/Tuesday/Thursday on Twitch at 8am PT// 11amET. Follow us on Instagram @CarlaMarieandAnthony. And subscribe to our newsletter here. THANK YOU for your support...YOU LOOK GREAT!

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