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What Should I Watch Next?

"What should I watch next?" is totally something we've all Googled...we gotchu!! The amount of TV we've both watched lately is pretty pathetic so we decided to put it to good use and give you our recommendations so you don't waste time scrolling through endless previews. We gave each show a review out of five ____!

At one point in an early episode Anthony dubbed this "the funniest thing I've ever watched". Jason Sudeikis plays the overly optimistic, Ted Lasso, a college football coach who takes a job coaching a soccer team in England without knowing a single thing about the sport. You'll laugh, cry, and be inspired by Ted Lasso. (We binged 7 episodes in one sitting).

We had NO idea what was going on in the first two episodes and after expressing this during our show everyone told us to stick through and we're glad we did! The series is about Wanda and Vision from the Marvel Universe and the show has a "The Truman Show" vibe. If you haven't watched all of Marvel Universe we highly suggest watching all of that first.

"Judas and the Black Messiah" in theaters and on HBO Max

Wow, just wow. The movie is based on the true story of Fred Hampton, a Black Panther in Chicago in the late '60s and how the American government infiltrated the group to bring him down. Racial injustice, drama, historical context all in one emotionally charged package. A lot of the injustice depicted in the movie is still something we're fighting for today. Anthony says this is a must-watch film. It's only streaming on HBO Max for about a month but you can catch it in theaters too if you live in a state where that sort of thing is allowed.

ALL THE FEELS! Based off of the book by Hannah Kristin, the series follows the story of two lifelong bond between best friends. Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke are INCREDIBLE in their roles of Tully and Kate who have been through everything together. Plus it's based in Seattle so that's pretty cool! Ricki told Carla Marie to watch it and somehow Carla Marie finished the season before Ricki...

This documentary is eye👏🏼opening. The New York Times takes us on the journey of Britney Spears' young life and how the media ultimately lead to her conservatorship. If you have no idea what a conservatorship means or why everyone you know is using #FreeBritney you really should watch. It's shocking to see how Britney was treated publicly and how so many of us thought it was normal. The full name of the show is "The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears"

A light-hearted look inside a family-owned funeral home (yes, light-hearted). The Bernard Family went viral in 2017 after an appearance on "The Steve Harvey Show" for their drive-thru funeral services. The Netflix series follows Ryan, his daughters, mom, and uncle and is a fun break from reality...even though it's a reality show about a funeral home.

What should we watch next?! What do you recommend?! Tweet us @CMandAnthony


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